FTP access

FTP access

Post by Madhusudan Sing » Sun, 08 Sep 2002 02:39:29

Quote:> Hey all!
> I have a Unix webserver and was wondering if there is an add-on for my
> server that i can install which will let me create FTP accounts which
> have access to a subdirectory only. My current software doesn't let me
> do this!

> I would like to be able to create a subdirectory of my domain for
> example monde.net/user1 and an FTP account which can only upload to
> that directory. Furthermore i would also like to be able to monitor
> the bandwidth for this sub directory although this is not necessary.

> Thanks
> Alex Halliday

Create a group called ftpusers and restrict that group's access rights.
Add all such users to this group.

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Running Solaris 8 SPARC, using the stock ftpd... I want to have users that can ftp into the machine (and eventually, I'll prolly chroot their homedirs), but who cannot telnet into the machine.  I tried just changing their shell in /etc/passwd to something that won't allow shell access (it spews out a little message that says "You're not allowed shell access here"), but then it replies "530 Login incorrect." when they try to FTP into the box.

Do I need to use a third-party ftpd in order to do this?  If not, then how do I configure it to allow FTP access to users, but not telnet?

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