xdm & chooser Problem

xdm & chooser Problem

Post by Marshall La » Sat, 02 Mar 2002 11:26:44

I'm having a problem getting xdm and chooser to run the way I want
them to.  There's no error messages being generated that I can find.

I have one box that I want to use as an X-terminal and an X-server.
I have another box that I want to use as an xdm server.  (Hopefully I have
the terminology correct.)  The last thing that happens on the X-terminal
when it boots is to run X from rc.local with the -indirect option to
the xdm server.  The xdm server is set up to BROADCAST to itself and to
the X-terminal/X-server.  The chooser shows a selection for the (xdm)
server.  But it doesn't show a selection for the X-terminal/X-server box.
I've been playing with the configuration for a while now but I can't
figure how to get both selections to come up with chooser.

Is the configuration that I want to do even possible?



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I have a few linux boxes each running xdm (with no XServers entries), and
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Unfortunately I can't connect to the other servers on the lan, even with
-broadcast (I also tried -indirect and -query, explicitely in XServers) on
the local system. Any reason why the 'chooser' isn't coming up instead of
a local login prompt?

- lv

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