Linux Distribution Recommendations

Linux Distribution Recommendations

Post by Cliff Lass » Fri, 12 May 1995 04:00:00

   Date: 11 May 1995 14:14:08 GMT

   By the way I got burned by ordering Yggdrasil originally. I had a
   SCSI controller (AHA 2940) that wasn't supported and my attempts to
   get them to help me failed.

Was that the "Fall 94 Release"?  That release does not support that
controller.  Presumably the next release will.  However I've been
waiting for the next Yggdrasil release for months - about 6 months ago
I subscribed to 4 releases a year but I have yet to receive a thing
from them!  Every time I call them, the new release is 2 week away.
It's been that way for over 4 months.

I would like to upgrade to 1.2.x and I was hoping to stick with
Yggdrasil just to minimize effort, but I'm very tempted to jump to
another cdrom provider.


1. Linux distribution recommendation

I'm looking for a recommendation for a Linux distribution for installation
as a web server. I know they all have apache and so on and some have webmin
and other management packages but I'm more interested in not having to spend
a lot of time removing packages that I don't want or need. I've had RH7.1 up
and running and it was okay as far as that's concerned.

I have been looking at SuSE 7.2 but have never used a SuSE disto before. It
seems to get decent reviews on the Linux web sites.  I intend to have a web
server with sendmail,ftp and other common web services and will be
installing (fingers crossed) FrontPage support for a couple of my clients.
I'm currently running NT4 and it works okay but I'm becoming more concerned
with its end-of-product life as well as the ongoing security issues. I think
a Linux web server may suit my long-term needs better.

If anyone has any pointers to what a Linux web server installation should
and should not have installed, please send the links along.



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