Newbie's guide to diff. between Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD - proposed structure

Newbie's guide to diff. between Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD - proposed structure

Post by Tony Porcz » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 23:15:14


As promised (although a couple of days late), here is the proposed
structure of "The Newbie's Guide To Differences Between Linux, FreeBSD
and NetBSD."

My objectives in drafting this structure were as follows:

1. Make the FAQ short (4-5 pages max)
2. Focus on issues noticeable to newbies (meaning "don't worry about
   differences in shared libs, etc")
3. Make it simple to read

Because of the expected time of completion, I would like to discuss only
Linux 1.x, FreeBSD 2.x and NetBSD 1.x.

Please comment.  As previously discussed, once the structure is agreed
upon (or we discuss it for way too long :-), I will solicit input re
individual items in the FAQ.


*The Newbie's Guide To Differences Between Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD*

I.  Introduction

        A. Purpose of this FAQ.
        B. Explanation of terms.
        C. Birth of the free unix.
        D. Suitability to purpose (general for free unix)

II. Differences

        A. Origins (brief, a few lines each)
                1. Linux
                2. FreeBSD
                3. NetBSD
                (henceforth the above 1.2.3. split is assumed in all items)
        B. Licensing
        C. Platforms and hardware requirements
        D. Other file systems supported
        E. Binary emulations supported and/or DOS emulation
        F. Forms of distribution (with pointers to net locations and
           addresses of major distributors)
        G. Ease of installation and configuration
        H. Completeness of the distribution
        I. Extra software available (not a specific list, but rather a
           high-level look - speadsheets, wp, development, net access,
           + pointers to specific FAQs) and how to get it
        J. Hardware supported (again, a high level look + pointers to
           specific hardware FAQs)
        K. Particular strenghts
        L. Support (documentation, USENET groups, etc)
        M. Plans for the future

end of proposed FAQ


1. IRC 2.8 racing under Linux(diff GCC's, diff kernels)

Has anyone had a problem with IRC 2.8 racing for CPU time under Linux?  This has
happened on versions since ~1.1.75 or so, and under three different versions
of GCC(2.5.8, 2.6.3 and the pentium-optomised 2.6.3).  It appears to happen
after a person has opened up several DCC sockets, ie it doesn't happen if
they open only 2 or three, but after 5 or 6, its CPU time begins to climb will usually level off around 90% CPU usage.  The CPU usage
remains even after the CPU is used.  The rest of the system visibly slows
down, so its not a bug in 'ps'('top' reports the same, BTW) This is on a
Pentium/60 with 16 megs of ram, so its not like its some extremely anemic
machine.  Compiling on other machines does not solve the problem.  Has
anyone else experienced this/found a fix?  Or can anyone even suggest
something to try?


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2. Netatalk 1.42b

3. CV64 diff's [NetBSD 1.2.1 -> OpenBSD 2.2]?

4. writing a basic script to do some sample tasks

5. SBLive Guide for Newbie's

6. mysterious booting problem (LILO Password)

7. Trolls to ignore on COLA (a newbie's guide 1.0)

8. A color mode change when execute another shell.

9. ATI Rage for Newbie's Guide

10. newbie: "Can't locate API module structure"

11. The FreeBSD Programmer's Guide

12. Call for contributions - Newbie's Guide

13. what's the diffrence of freebsd and netbsd and openbsd?