Scsi-Generic permission denied, even to root?

Scsi-Generic permission denied, even to root?

Post by eri » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Is there some circumstance where the scsi generic device (i.e., /dev/sga)
would refuse read or write access even to the root user?

The specific application is using the Sane software to access a HP 4c
scanner via the /dev/sga device. This used to work until I rebuild my
kernel and pcmcia drivers (it's a pcmcia scsi card) and then stopped.
Any other scsi device (zip drive, for example) works fine on this interface.

The scanner is correctly probed and assigned to sga, so it is configured.
(/dev/sg[b-h] all return "Device not configured" not "Permission denied")
The "sg" module is loaded. Any ideas?



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