Linux, DR-DOS, and hosed partitions

Linux, DR-DOS, and hosed partitions

Post by John Gira » Fri, 10 Jul 1998 04:00:00

: Well, I screwed up.  I had this bright idea, see, that I'd install
: DR-DOS on my machine so I could play Mechwarrior 2 against my new
: roommate.  The installation went very smoothly, and I was impressed with
: the way it detected Win95 and installed the loader which supposedly lets
: you pick which of the two you want to run.
: Unfortunately, it also appears that the loader hosed the partition
: tables on all three of my hard disks.  This is exceptionally
: frustrating.  I've hosed partition tables before, but never on three
: hard disks at once.

I don't know if this is the same issue as yours, but I've found that Caldera
OpenDOS's fdisk will renumber partitions w/o asking or telling you.  This
really messed me up until I figured out what was going on.  In linux's case,
all you need to do is boot from emergency floopy, run fdisk on each drive
just to see what the partitions are now called, and edit /etc/fstab (and
liloconfig and rerun lilo if needed) accordingly.

This was a huge disappointment for me regarding OpenDOS (and I assume now
for DRDOS as well), and I've avoided its fdisk like the plague ever since.

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1. DR-DOS and Linux

Hello everone, I just got a Veridata 486SLC notebook with
DR-DOS on it. I wanted to install Linux on about 95Meg of
the total 120Meg so I went through the process as described
in the SLS readme etc (NOTE: I've actually donethis once
before on a 486DX jobby with MS-DOS) and I can get one or the
other to boot but (having set up the DOS partition with the
DR-DOS fdisk);

        If I set up the partitions and save the partition
        table to disk in say Linux, then DR-DOS doesn't boot.

        similarly, if I set it up in DR-DOS, Linux doesn't boot.

I suspect that DR-DOS doesn't have a standard partitioning
scheme similar to OS/2 (see the FAQ)

[Q] has anyone else experienced this with DR-DOS and Linux?

Just thought I'd tell everyone since I haven't seen it
mentioned explicitly.

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