Print color from linux to Espon Stylus Color printer

Print color from linux to Espon Stylus Color printer

Post by ~{5K6,F= » Wed, 19 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I appreciate very much for any tips on print in color on an Epson stylus
color printer. I have a color ps file, it came out as black and white from
the printer using DEVICE=escp2. I guess it doesn't support the colored
ones. Where to get the color driver?

Many thanks in advance.

Dong-Ping Deng


1. Color printing with Epson Stylus Color printer ???

I have succeeded in getting reasonably good grayscale
ouput from my Epson Stylus Color printer using ghostscript
and its escp2 driver but no luck so far with color.

I have tried the other Epson drivers (epson, eps9high and
epsonc) but they did not work as well as escp2.

Any suggestions ??


Gary Mart

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