SoundBlaster 16 -- 16bit sample problem

SoundBlaster 16 -- 16bit sample problem

Post by H G Minderma » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I asked this before : how can I get my Creative SB'16' to play 16-bit
samples in Linux?
Someone told me to download the OSS drivers. Where can I get them and
how do I install a new driver in Linux. Couldn't find that in any



SoundBlaster 16 -- 16bit sample problem

Post by Tom Evan » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00

You going to need to rebuild the kernel, unless the modules have
already been built. The Free OSS drivers are included in the source.
You don't mention which distribution, somebody could probably provide
you more help if you gave details. BUT, before you ask, read the 2
HOWTOs on the subject: Sound-HOWTO and Sound-Playing-HOWTO, usually
found in /usr/doc/HOWTO

All disclaimers apply...


1. Soundblaster: no 16-bit DMA means no 16-sampling or not?

I just found out that my Soundblaster card (CT-4171; Sound Blaster
16 WavEffects, I think) does not have 16-bit DMA capability.

What exactly does the lack of 16-bit DMA mean?

Does it mean that the card can't do 16-bit sound?

Or does it just mean that it will take extra bus cycles when playing
or recording sounds?

(That is, can it play and sample 16-bit sounds using 8-bit DMA to move
the data around, or would it have to have 16-bit DMA to transfer
16-bit sound samples?)


Daniel Barclay

(Hmm.  A little worrisome: )

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