cdrecord kernel fails: kernel panic upon boot.

cdrecord kernel fails: kernel panic upon boot.

Post by Allen Ashl » Tue, 24 Feb 1998 04:00:00

In preparation for buying an atapi cdrecord device I downloaded the
cdrecord howto README.ATAPI.CDROM, along with the patches to upgrade
the 2.0.30 kernel to 2.0.31, and cdrecord-1.6a10.tgz. In the instructions
for configuring the kernel you are supposed to disable IDE atapi in
order to enable SCSI emulation. I have had trouble with this before,
and am having trouble again. If you disable the advanced IDE support
which covers atapi, you also disable the ability to read the newest
IDE drives, and the newest EIDE controllers. The new kernel compiles
OK, but upon boot I get:
VFS: cannot open root device 03:43
Kernel panic:VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:43.

From previous experience I reckon this message comes when lodlin
tries to remount the root device as r/o. You can get this message
if you try disable the advanced IDE on any new system.

I can't see any way out of this problem. Any suggestions would
be appreciated.



1. kernel panic upon boot ; cannot mount root VFS ; 2.4.19

Hello !

Had yet this problem in the past but by then solved by having Reiserfs as part
of the kernel and not as a module.

This time, reiserfs is within the kernel and idicating the RAM dims upon boot
doesn't help.

I see very often this problem on other mailing lists, also in SuSE's support
database. Nevertheless, beyound the mentionned solutions, nothing.

Has someone another tip ?

Tks Rgds
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