Casio 2000UX Digital Camera and Linux

Casio 2000UX Digital Camera and Linux

Post by Florian Kirste » Tue, 21 Dec 1999 04:00:00


does anybody know if there's a way to use the Casio 2000UX/Ir digital camera
with linux? It's not in gphoto's list of supporded cameras, are there other
packages available? Is it known if someone's working on IrTran-P support
for linux? But the serial interface would give more possibilities
anyway :/


1. Casio Digital Cameras?

Is there anyone using any of the Casio digital cameras
with Linux such as the QV-100?

I ftp'ed some software from a Japanese site, that I read
of in one of the Linux newsgroups, and compiled it.

That's about as far as I could go. I've hooked the camera
up to the COM1 (/dev/cua0) serial port but could get no
communication between the camera and my PC.

The README and text files have all sorts of apparant junk
charactors that lead me to believe that the instructions
are in Kanji. I'm lost.

Can anyone make a suggestion?

Many thanks,

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