can't understand this netscape behavior

can't understand this netscape behavior

Post by gu.. » Sat, 05 Jun 1999 04:00:00

why netscape doesn't do charset encoding for value field of input tag?
Is there any way to make netscape do this?



1. can't understand this behaviour


In my inittab file, I've a line like:

c7:ttyS1:123456:respawn:/etc/getty 38400 /dev/ttyS1

I'm running poe-1.11 getty under .99.6.  After I boot my machine, the
above process is attached to ttyS1, and /dev/cua1 is inaccessible for
dialout.  If I kill this initial ttyS1 getty, subsequent processes are
NOT attached (unless of course someone's dialed in!), and /dev/cua1 is

What's the deal?

Thanks for any help,

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