Anyone managed to get SC2000 (dos) working with dosemu?

Anyone managed to get SC2000 (dos) working with dosemu?

Post by Douglas A. Gord » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

        Greetings all.
I am running dosemu 0.66 on a Tinkpad 701CS, Slakware 2.0.29.  When I try
to run SimCity 2000 from the console everything comes up fine (well, no
sound) but the mouse doesn't move.  I am using the mouse built in to the
laptop (located on the keyboard) which is configured as a PS2 mouse.
Other DOS applications under dosemu see it fine, and it works flawlessly
under X and console apps.  Anybody have this running?  It'd be fun to get
this running from the console (or even from xdos).  The mouse problem
occurs with both setups however.  Suggestions?  Thanks.



1. Dosemu + SC2000?

Hi there,

Did anyone succeed running 'SimCity 2000' within the Dosemu?
I tried it with pre0.53pl46 but I get an DPMI error.

During installation it complains about only 1MB RAM even if I
configure 4MB or more for DPMI/XMS or even EMS, neither works.

Any working configuration anywhere?

Kai Kretschmann,
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