LILO+BM+Win95 mostly ok, 2nd LILO hosed by booting Linux?

LILO+BM+Win95 mostly ok, 2nd LILO hosed by booting Linux?

Post by Andy McFadd » Sun, 04 Feb 1996 04:00:00

(Okay, the Subject: line sucks.  Whatever.)

So here's the story: my system boots into the OS/2 boot manager; from
there I can select DOS 6.22, OS/2 Warp, Win95, or Linux (and I'd have
FreeBSD 2.1 on there if it supported extended DOS partitions).  Here's
the trouble: this is on two 2GB hard drives, with all but Win95 on the

To boot the second, I can't use Boot Manager, because it doesn't do LILO's
wonderful trick of switching the C: and D: drives.  So I have the boot
manager invoke a copy of LILO installed on a dead partition, which has
a default setting to boot Win95.

Here's the problem: LILO lives in the first part of two different
partitions, not the MBR, since I want to boot into BM, not LILO (face it,
LILO hasn't got much of a UI).  I use it on Linux to switch kernels when
something hoses, and on an otherwise empty partition on D: to boot Win95.

Whenever I boot Linux though, it rebuilds a data file, and I end up
with "LIL-" (hang) the next time I try to boot Win95.  For some reason
LILO is referring to files back on the other drive, probably because
that's what I booted up on when I installed LILO.

I looked through the LILO docs, and have some idea of why this is
happening, but have no clue what to do about it.  I either need to prevent
LILO from reconstructing the data file, or find an alternate way to boot
Win95 (right now I just launch Linux, and tell LILO to boot Win95

I'm using the last 2.x slackware release.

(Hmm... I guess I could install LILO on the D: drive as well, but I was
hoping to put FreeBSD there... do LILO and FreeBSD work together?  Sorry,
but the latency in the Linux serial drivers isn't acceptable for what I'm
trying to do, otherwise I'd just use Linux.)


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1. OS2 BM, lilo, linux boot on logical partition

I haven't seen a solution in this newsgroup yet (there were quite
a few questions on this though).

I use OS2 BootManager to boot DOS and OS2, and would like to
boot lilo/linux in a logical partition.

I tested OS2 BM to boot lilo/linux from a primary partition and it
worked. But when trying to boot lilo from a logical partition,
'LILO: booting vmlinz' comes up and then the whole system reboots.

BTW, this logical partition is not the first one in the extended
partition (if that matters). And I'm running lilo install from
another linux boot system, by mounting the logical partition at /mnt.

All this is done on one master IDE drive <450MB, so there should
be no problem associated with large IDE.

One side question: Is it okay to install lilo boot several times on
the same partition without 'uninstalling' everytime?

One thing I noticed when testing lilo install is, lilo -v -v -v -t

Boot image: /mnt/vmlinuz
Device 0x0305: BIOS drive 0x80, 14 heads, 1018 cylinders,
               62 sectors. Partition offset: 312542 sectors.
Setup length is 4 sectors.
Mapped 815 sectors.
Added vmlinuz *

I noticed that the last line has sct=67 and cyl=131, while the
device itself only has 62 sectors, and the logical partition
actually falls after cylinder 300. Actually, running lilo
install test on a primary partition also shows similar seemingly
inconsistent values, but as mentioned earlier, it still works on a
primary partition.

I'd like to hear from anyone who managed to boot lilo/linux from a
logical partition using OS2 BootManager, so I can at least have some
hope. Thanks in advance.

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