Linear PC video editor hardware/software

Linear PC video editor hardware/software

Post by Robert Hell » Fri, 22 May 1998 04:00:00

I am looking for a "PC" controllable linear type editor/titler for my
home videos.  I am thinking of the Sima product, "PC Video Ed/It and
Titler (Model SAK)".  This unit appears to consist of a gen-locked scan
converter, a video switch, and a LANC/IR Wand (motion control of the
camcorder/VCR).  The unit and the LANC/IR Wand is controlled from the
computer's parallel port.

Has anyone used this device under Linux?  Does any one know the
interface protocol for this device?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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1. (Linear) Computer Video Editors / Video Overlay boxes & Linux

I know of three products that consist of some sort of "Smart Cable" (PC
serial port => LANC/IR) and an "Video Overlay" box (Camcorder & VGA in, Out
to VCR & VGA monitor, genlocked/scan converter):

        Sima's Model SAK (hardware made by Avermedia)
        Pinnacle's Video Studio 200
and     MicroJack's Video editor

All of these appear to be effective MS-Windows based "black boxes", in
the sense that the system is closed and proprietary with effectively no
real third-party software support -- yes Pinnacle has SDK's, but only for
MS-Windows 95, with only MS-Windows 95 DLLs.

Are there other products out there?  Are there any with *any* sort of
(useful) technical documentation?  I don't have MS-Windows installed on
any of my computers (and won't install it either).  I run pure Linux
systems on Intel x86 processors.  I am a professional computer
programmer -- if I had some basic technical documentation on the
programming modes, control bytes, and software protocols for a device
like this I am sure I could easily write the driver and control software
to manage one of these units (or something like them).  I have sent
E-Mail to the various companies involved and I have not received any
really useful information.

I have seen some information about home brewing up a "Smart Cable" of
sorts (i.e. interfacing a serial port to a LANC interface and building a
remote control IR emitter connected to a computer, somehow -- parallel
port or something), but I have not seen home brew "Video Overlay"
hardware described anywhere.

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