tsx-11 on CDROM?

tsx-11 on CDROM?

Post by na6440800-Hi » Fri, 17 Dec 1993 03:38:18

I have heard of a Linux CDROM out there that contains a
snapshot of the tsx-11 archives.  I looked in the
distribution-howto, and in everything in the "advertisments"
directory on tsx-11.  Does anyone have this CDROM and
know where I can get it?  It seems like it would be
a _LOT_ better than a CD with just sls and slackware.

Stephen P. Hill



1. German FTP-Server ready/Mirroring tsx-11

I have set up ftp-server ftp.fgb.mw.tu-muenchen.de [].
It mirrors /pub/linux on tsx-11.mit.edu (Thanks to Ted for his help).

There will soon be installed the ftpd from wuarchive.wustl.edu,
that allows downloading subdirectories by creating a tar-file on
the fly.

Enjoy it,


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