gcc upgrade

gcc upgrade

Post by Mike C » Tue, 04 Jan 1994 22:30:46


I currently use gcc 2.4.5 that comes with the SLS 1.03
distribution.  Is there any great advantage to
upgrading to the latest and greatest version
of gcc.  The main thing I am concerned with
is performance.

If I do make the upgrade I only want to download binaries
since I do not have the disk space to compile it.
So what files do I need to do this?

thanks in advance....


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1. GCC Upgrade

I'm not sure whether this is the proper group to ask this of, so if
I'm in the wrong place, forgive me.

I recently upgraded my kernel from 1.2.8 to 2.0.27.  That went fine.
However when I proceeded to upgrade the compiler and libraries, and
now find that I am getting errors whenever I try to compile anything.
I upgraded the folowing (to the following levels)
        GNU CC  -
        Libc    -  5.2.18
        Libc++  -
        ldd     -  1.8.5

Again, my kernel is at 2.0.27.  The errors I get (and this is litarally
every time I compile anything) are always similar to the following:

/tmp/cca03885.i:231: numeric constant with no digits
/tmp/cca03885.i:231: invalid #line
/tmp/cca03885.i:252: numeric constant with no digits
/tmp/cca03885.i:252: numeric constant with no digits
/tmp/cca03885.i:252: invalid #line
/tmp/cca03885.i:271: parse error at null character
/tmp/cca03885.i:271: virtual memory exhausted
make: *** [lilo.o] Error 1

I guess any insite that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Joel S. Barten  

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