>>Linux support jobs available in bay area<<

>>Linux support jobs available in bay area<<

Post by Lawrence Foa » Tue, 05 Dec 1995 04:00:00

We have openings available for service people, we need people good at
phone support and on site service (will involve travel). Phone support
will take place from San Francisco CA. On site service people (part time/
consultants) will be needed nation wide.

You should have experience with PC hardware, and a reasonable understanding
of the basic operation of Linux/Unix.

Most systems are 486 or Pentium, running Linux, many use external SCSI
devices (printers,jukeboxs,etc), and some custom cards, most can be serviced
by modem or over TCP/IP connections.

If you are interested please send e-mail with your Resume or any questions
you may have.
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