Looking for compressed filesystem for 2.4 kernel

Looking for compressed filesystem for 2.4 kernel

Post by Piotr Kulag » Sat, 09 Feb 2002 19:18:03


                        Piotr Kulaga


1. Compressed filesystem or Compressed loop?

I would like to create a compressed CVS repository, but I can not seem
to find a simple way to do this. . .  (Or really any way.)

I have seen people talk about the existence of a compressed loop.
What is this?  Does a compressed, read/write filesystem exist?

I found zisofs, but that looks like it would work read only, and
really only for a CD, i.e. the file tree needs to exist first then the
iso filesystem is created. . .  I found squashfs but that is also read
only.  If I create a loop-back device, i.e. a file that works like a
filesystem, I need to uncompress the file prior to mounting the loop.

Any ideas?

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