NEWBIE question: Redhat Linux 7.1 to Windows 2000 ftp and general access

NEWBIE question: Redhat Linux 7.1 to Windows 2000 ftp and general access

Post by John Smit » Thu, 08 Nov 2001 09:43:47

Hello All,

I'd appreciated if someone can help me. I have installed Linux (Redhat 7.1)
on a machine at home. I also have Win 2000 on another machine (at home). I
have setup the IP address on both, and I can ping the Windows machine from
the Linux box. However I can't ping the Linux box from the Windows machine.
I'm trying to copy some RPMs from my Windows machine (in particular Samba -
since I hear that will provide connectivity between the two OS's).

Here is a session from the Linux machine I'm running the KDE environment. I
open a console window and login as root.

I'll reproduce my session here:

ftp> ftp open NEPTUNE
Connected to NEPTUNE
220   NEPTUNE   Microsoft   FTP  service (Version 5.0)
Name NEPTUNE:root: Administrator
230 User Administrator logged in
Remote System type is Windows_NT
ftp> ls -la
227 Entering Passive Mode (IP adress displayed here)
125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting
226 Transfer complete

From the Win2k machine:

I receive:

Unknown Host ZEN

Any ideas ?



NEWBIE question: Redhat Linux 7.1 to Windows 2000 ftp and general access

Post by Dances With Cro » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 11:27:20

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001 00:43:47 -0000, John Smith staggered into the Black
Sun and said:

>I'll reproduce my session here:

>ftp> ftp open NEPTUNE
>Connected to NEPTUNE
>220   NEPTUNE   Microsoft   FTP  service (Version 5.0)
>Name NEPTUNE:root: Administrator
>230 User Administrator logged in
>Remote System type is Windows_NT
>ftp> ls -la
>227 Entering Passive Mode (IP adress displayed here)
>125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting
>226 Transfer complete

>From the Win2k machine:
>Unknown Host ZEN
>Any ideas ?

Classic misteak.  Your Linux machine doesn't have an entry in whatever
you're using as a DNS server, so attempting to connect by using its
hostname is failing.  Easiest solution is to put the Linux machine in
the 'Doze machine's %SYSTEMROOT%\LMHOSTS.SAM file.  (This file is
actually reasonably well documented, just edit it with Notepad or
GVIM.EXE and things will be fine...)

For further info, consult O'Reilly's TCP/IP book (the Crab Book) and
read the Networking-HOWTO.

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which already has windows 2000 (professional). When I installed
windows 2000 I partitioned my hard disk (40 GB) into two
partitions of 20 GB and installed windows 2000 in the first one.
Now when I tried to install red hat linux 7.1, using the disk drub
program for partitioning, it wouldn't allow me to create a /boot
partition because this is located beyond 1024'th cylinder. So I went
to the other option of using fcdisk (something like this) and created
the partitions manually by specifying the cylinder ranges for each
partition. After doing this I was able to proceed. I checked the option
of not putting lilo on MBR but in the root sector of its own partition.
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where it said that it has received all the information and clicking next
will make it right this on to the hard disk. So after copying the image
for 5 mins it stops saying error encountered (probably out of disk space).
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