Using SLIP/PPP over Async Analog Leased LInes, How?

Using SLIP/PPP over Async Analog Leased LInes, How?

Post by Eric Poo » Fri, 22 Apr 1994 01:52:27

Since I am finding that my dialup SLIP connection is somewhat
unreliable, and since I can't afford the costs of a 56K digital line
and the few thousand dollars' worth of equipment needed with it, I am
seriously considering installing a voice-grade analog leased line to
my Internet service provider with V.Fast modems on either end and
running SLIP or PPP.

I have been running dialup SLIP with Linux using DIP to make the
connection for about 8 months now, and it has been running well.
However it's not clear to me how (or even if) to configure DIP to work
on leased lines.

I'm sure I could figure it out sooner rather than later, _after_ I get
the line installed, but would rather have a real clear idea in my mind
how to go about this _before_ I spend the $800 to have the line put
in, and even before I spend the $500 for the modems.

I have checked the documentation I have, and have grepped on several
keywords on a few weeks of past c.o.l.h, but if this is an RTFM type
question, feel free to flame me ... but please also direct me to the
proper TFM to R.

Please respond either here in the newsgroup or to

Thanks in advance ...

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1. Internet Gateway Using Analog Leased Line


I would like to seek your advice on how to setup an Internet gateway
using FreeBSD Unix, which can talk to the analog leased line modem
through serial port COM1, in my company.

Let me explain the my plan. We currently have an Acer 486 DX2-66 PC
with 12RAM. Due to the cost problem, we apply for a 28.8kbps analog
leased line from the ISP. I have a mail server running on NT. Because
I have some problems in setting NT to communicate with the leased line
modem, I wish to use the FreeBSD Unix box as a gateway, i.e. all the
traffics must pass through the unix box and arrive at NT mail server
and vice versa.

I have donwloaded FreeBSD version 2.2.5 and install the minimum
components in bin directory.

Can some one enlight me how to do with the rc.conf, rc.networks and
how to set the static routes?

I know how to do this in Linux. But I don't know how to achieve the
same purpose in FreeBSD Unix. Under Linux, one can use slattach to
activate a serial interface, and use ifconfig to bind the interface
with point-to-point IP addresses and the device; later we use route to
define default gateway for routing purpose. But it seems the route
command and ifconfig are different from those of Linux.

Your kind help will be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Ying-Meng, Tan

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