Mounting SYSV or Xenix File Systems

Mounting SYSV or Xenix File Systems

Post by Hugh McCur » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have tried to mount a SCO Xenix (2.3.4) file system and a SCO Unix
(5.0) filesystem from Linux 1.2.8 on two different computers.

The command I use is

# mount -t sysv /dev/hda4 /mnt

I get

/dev/hda4 is not a mount point.

I also tried Xenix instead of sysv.  I have sysv file system support
compiled into my kernel (in fact on one machine, on the first try, I
didn't, so I recompiled the kernel).

Do anyone have any idea of what I'm doing wrong?


1. Mount xenix /u system under SCO 5.02 and WD network card with Xenix

I have xenix and SCO 5.02 on same harddrive and would like to use
xenix filesystem under UNIX! I followed directions found in one of the
on sosco and got message
could not stat device.
DOS is 1st partition, Xenix is 2nd and UNIX is 3rd partition.
do I need change numbers on mknod command?

Second question is on WD 8003EBT NIC.
It works OK under xenix right after mkdev wdn and mkdev tcp. If I reboot
into DOS and back again in Xenix, it stops working. Then I delete it.
redo mkdev wdn;mkdev tcp and works OK. I am experiencing similar
under SCO UNIX. Is there problem with card initialization after reboots.
Thanks for help.
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