wu-ftpd-2.4 help

wu-ftpd-2.4 help

Post by Dan Nil » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to compile wu-ftpd-2.4 on linux.  When I build it there
are all kids of errors including missing semicolons, missing #defines,
wrong typedefs, and bad function prototypes.  I am using build lnx like
the documentation says to do.  

Is there a patch that allows me to get wu-ftpd-2.4 to compile on linux?

I started fixing the problems that I found, but I ran in to one that
I could not resolve.  If there is not a patch, I need to know what
value to use for NCARGS.  I looked on a Solaris machine and it said
that this value was the size of the argument list passed in by the
user.  I could use the value Solaris uses, but that might not be safe.

Thanks in advance for any help. (Please send responses via email)

Dan Niles