Announcing: The Linux Quarterly, Winter '94 (PL15)

Announcing: The Linux Quarterly, Winter '94 (PL15)

Post by Michael R. Johnst » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 01:33:41

In what has to be the first known episode of this, it appears the God, in
conjuction with UPS, has conspired to delay this issue by nearly a month.
The salient details of this * are probably best discussed
in alt.*.linux. Suffice to say, shipping delays, the worst winter
in several years, and an earthquake all combined to force this issue
to be released way beyond its initially schedule date.

Now for the good news. The new Linux Quarterly, Winter '94, begins shipping
this  Thursday. Customers who've placed advance orders for this CD
will receive it via 2nd day air at no additional cost. Dealers will
receive their copies shortly, as well. Thanks to the delay, or rather,
in spite of it, we managed to get the PL15 kernel added to the master only
hours before it went into production. Lots of other nice goodies are in
there, too.

Michael R. Johnston
Morse Telecommunications


              Announcing The Linux Quarterly CDROM, Winter '94

Highlights of this edition include:

*** A total of 636 Megabytes of Linux distributions, software, and

*** Install Linux Directly from CDROM

*** Linux Kernel Patch Level 15 ***

*** Linux Distributions:

        TAMU in binary and source format for both 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" drives
        Slackware 1.1.1
        SLS 1.03

*** Archives from TSX-11.MIT.EDU (over 300 Meg) from 1/21/94

*** Major Version Changes in the following software

        Linux Kernel PL15       XFree86 2.0
        GCC 4.5.8               Libc 4.5.8
        GNU Emacs 19.19         Much, much more...

*** GIF Images and Sound files supplied for some fun under X

*** Uncompressed files and filesystems, ready-to-run from the CD
        Linux Documentation Project Manuals
                Linux Getting Started and Installation Guide
                Linux Network Administrators Guide
        Linux Documentation Project HOWTO files
        Linux Documentation Project Generica Man Pages
        SLS Man Pages
        Emacs 19

*** Full technical support, as always ***

The full contents of this CDROM are much too much to post. For a listing,

more information.

             Special Offers and Ordering Information

Linux Quarterly, Winter '94                             $29.95
(Upgrade for existing customers)                        $21.95
Linux Quarterly Subscription (4 issues)                 $79.95

CD/Book Offers

W/O'Reilly's "Unix in a Nutshell"                     $37.95
W/O'Reilly's "Learning the Unix Operating System"     $37.95
W/O'Reilly's "Essential System Administration              $49.95

                    ** General Linux Information ***

Linux is a freely redistributable version of the Unix(tm) Operating System
which runs on 80386 and 80486 PC Compatible machines. This software is
a full version of Unix which contains all the standard utilities and more,

        TCP/IP, SLIP Networking
        C and C++ Compilers and other development tools
        Various Language Translators
        UUCP and Usenet Software
        Several popular editors including GNU Emacs.
        X Windows system, including OpenWindows, Xview
        DOS Emulator    

For your convenience, we have toll free ordering and can accept
Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards.Many of our customers
have requested technical support and we are pleased to announce
that thirty days of software support via phone and email is now
included with each order.

Linux is currently available on many Internet sites including TSX-11.MIT.EDU
and others. We offer this as a service to those who don't have the time
or resources to download such a large distribution. This version can be
installed directly from CROM in about 30 minutes time.

Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, all of Linux is copylefted under
the GNU Public License (GPL). SLS extensions are copyrighted by Softlanding
Systems. You may not claim any part of Linux as your own. This assures
that future users of Linux will be able to obtain it as freely as everyone
else has already.

Additional technical support for Linux is available through us with the
purchase of a service contract. Linux Support Service contracts are
available in monthly, quarterly, and yearly terms. Rates begin at
$19.95/month, per machine, and discounts are given for both quarterly
and yearly subscribers. See our additional posting in this newsgroup

Terms of payment are one of the following:

        Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover
        Personal Check  
        Bank money order
        COD cash or cashiers check (COD charge is an additional $4.50)

We may, at our descretion, hold personal checks for as long as 10
business days to allow them to clear. All sales are final. No refunds are
given on software. We offer unconditional replacement on diskettes or CD's
that prove defective or are damaged in shipment.

For credit card or COD orders please call us, toll-free, at 800-706-4046

may prepay your order by mailing a check to the address below.

        Morse Telecommunications
        24 Prospect Avenue
        East Rockaway, NY 11518

For order inquiries or other information, please call (516) 887-4046.


Michael R. Johnston      

Morse Telecommunications  


Announcing: The Linux Quarterly, Winter '94 (PL15)

Post by Byron Thomas Fab » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 02:08:33

Quote:>Now for the good news. The new Linux Quarterly, Winter '94, begins shipping

Umm... Its close to spring you know.  :)

PGP 2.3 key available (in plan file) at:        Support public code:


Announcing: The Linux Quarterly, Winter '94 (PL15)

Post by Michael R. Johnst » Fri, 18 Feb 1994 14:21:16

: >Now for the good news. The new Linux Quarterly, Winter '94, begins shipping

: Umm... Its close to spring you know.  :)

True. This is why we offered our public apologies on the delay. The next issue,
Spring '94, is due in two months, which ought to put us back on schedule. 8-)

Nevertheless, the current issue offers a bevey of current software, including
the PL 15 kernel. To my knowledge, our CD is the only one which has this
important upgrade at this time. In fact, we offer an unconditional return
policy on the CD if you're unhappy for any reason. I'm also proud to say that
we receive consistent praise from our customers on our tech support. And this
support isn't on any one particular distribution, either. Any version
of Linux on CD is supported. That goes for SLS, Slackware, MCC or TAMU and
even some hybrid installations. Unix is Unix or, rather, Linux is Linux.
We don't discriminate between versions other than to offer recommendations
on first-time installations. We even have some 'make' shy customers who've
requested custom kernels. We've built these and emailed them, no questions
asked, configuration issues aside.

Should you need documentation or other reference, the CD has megabytes. If
that's not enough, we've got plenty of O'Reilly Unix books, at fair
discounts, to help get your started.

Now, this is partially tooting our own horn, but to tell you the truth, at
least you know where it's coming from. I often wonder about the authenticity
of some of the so-called 'testimonials' I've been seeing in

Michael R. Johnston      

Morse Telecommunications