Logs in Jakarta-Tomcat ??

Logs in Jakarta-Tomcat ??

Post by masb » Fri, 27 Apr 2001 23:14:57

I have standalone Tomcat server. I need to have logs like these in apache
like access.log and others. There are some logs but some about server works.
I want to log visits on my tomcat server.
Is there some way to make such logs ?

Bartosz Blimke


1. ANN: Jakarta Tomcat 4 now in www/jakarta-tomcat

Hi all,

After a *long* time and a lot of requests, Jakarta Tomcat 4 is now finally in
the Ports Collection. It has taken the place of Tomcat 3 in

If you have already installed Tomcat 3, you can upgrade to Tomcat 4
using portupgrade. You should have portupgrade
(/usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade) installed, after which you can execute:

        # portupgrade jakarta-tomcat

If you have not yet installed Tomcat 3, then you can install Tomcat 4 as

        # cd /usr/ports/www/jakarta-tomcat
        # make install

For those who prefer Tomcat 3, it is from now on available as the port
www/jakarta-tomcat3. You cannot use portupgrade to upgrade from an old
version of the Tomcat 3 port to a newer version. To do this you should
deinstall your Tomcat 3 port and then install the jakarta-tomcat3 port. For

        # pkg_info | grep tomcat
        jakarta-tomcat-3.3_2 A 100% Pure Java web server with built-in...
        # pkg_delete jakarta-tomcat-3.3_2
        # cd /usr/ports/www/jakarta-tomcat3
        # make install

For any additional questions, please send an email to the FreeBSD Java

Kind regards,


with "unsubscribe freebsd-java" in the body of the message

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