Rn/INND problem

Rn/INND problem

Post by Douglas Warr » Mon, 29 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm having a strange problem with Innd and trn here.  First the backgrounds,
I'm running rn/trn Version: 3.4.1, and InterNetNews server INN 1.4 22-Dec-93
when the server throttles due to low diskspace, if someone was already in
trn when the server throttles, and proceeds to drop carrier, trn will go
into an endless loop where it is constantly allocating more memory.  
Eventually for some reason this allocation will cause the system to crash
when memory has been fully exhausted.  Does anyone know anything of this

1. Killfiles in RN/RN in general

You have no control key?  How can you edit your messages?  What kind of
terminal is it, a TRS80 Model 1?  (can't be that, it has lower case).
Lowercase "k" will only junk existing messages on the current subject.  
Capital "K" will kill that subject.
With rn or trn, you can't read a group without subscribing.  But you can
unsubscribe simply by pressing "u".

 >3. I also recently started reading my email without the menu.

You should be able to delete all the messages by typing 'd *'.
Some systems have two programs called mail and mailx.  Mailx is a little
smarter than mail; it understands commands like 'd 1-10'.

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