neighboor table

neighboor table

Post by Sergei O. Naoumo » Thu, 20 May 1999 04:00:00

I just freshly installed RH 6.0 and occasionally I see this message:

        "neighboor table overflow"

What does it mean?



1. where are process-table, region-table, inode-table?

        Can anyone tell me where I can change the text table (the max # of
executable that a system can run at any time) , region table , inode tables
and file table? I want to tune my kernel a bit, since it's running slow
w/ my 486 8M.. somehow the kernel is taking more than 10% of my total memory
(624k for kernel code, 384k reserved, 376k data).... leaving me enough to
barely run a X... I read a book called "System Tuning" (base on System V)
which mentioned something about changing the text table , region table,
inode tables anf file table to tune the system. Anyone know where I should
change these defaults? Anyone think that the kernel configuration script
should allow us to estimate the # of users our system will be serving..and
then calculate(estimate) the size of these tables? Does these tables
exist in Linux?

Please enlighten me..



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