HELP !: "Socket(): Invalid argument" error with 2.2.8

HELP !: "Socket(): Invalid argument" error with 2.2.8

Post by mon.. » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

: Hi here,

: Can anybody PLEASE enlight me ???

: Since I've tried to upgrade from the 2.0.* to the 2.2.*
: kernel, I have no more mouse. Now when I boot, I can see
: an error message when the INIT process tries to launch the
: mouse manager, I can see the following:
: "gpm: socket(): Invalid argument"

: And I get the same error when the daemons klogd/ksyslog:
: the creation of the socket /dev/log fails, and I get
: exactly the same error message: "socket(): Invalid argument".

: Does anybody know what's happening ???

Thanks a lot !!


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I've just recently reinstalled Linux, and now I'm getting an odd error
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Under the precompiled kernel that came with the release (1.1.54)
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Invalid argument" error when using syslogd, ncftp, even telnetting to the

It REALLY rots being stuck with such an old kernel.  Does anyone have
any idea what could be causing this?  It would be great if you could
reply by email...thanks!

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