x86 Assembly for Linux wanted

x86 Assembly for Linux wanted

Post by Advanced Warming Systems Research and Developme » Sun, 31 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Anyone know of an assembler I could use to generate 486 and Pentium
code for Linux?


Brett Moore
Director of Research
Advanced Warming Systems


1. Assembly language on x86 linux box

I'm running linux and want to start writing assembly programs. I have a
few questions though:

1. I know C fairly well (ut not at an intricate level) so where can I find
information on how to learn assembly on the x86, including accessing hard
drives, peripherials (modems, network cards, etc)

2. Where can I find information regarding general architecture of x86's,
such as how it boots, what it looks for, a description of the BIOS.

Any books, pointers to web pages etc. is greatly appreciated. I guess I
just want to learn how to take advantage of a PC at a machine/assembly
language level, to understand how it works in great detail, and to try and
understand the organization of PC's. I would then like to try and write
some device drivers for some hardware I have, and hack some more kernel
code (I'm very limited in not understadning the whole PC as of now) Thanks
in advance.

Josh Lynch

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere
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