cups: Duplex printing with odd # pages

cups: Duplex printing with odd # pages

Post by Oliver Redne » Wed, 24 Oct 2001 17:06:52


I have a Brother HL-1650, which is able to print two-sided. But when
printing an odd number of pages (with cups and the cupsomatic ppd file)
the last page stays inside the printer until the next job comes (or a
_long_ time passes, like 10-15 minutes). This next job can be a "null"
job w/o showpage, like the single line:
So I installed this nulljob as a banner page that is (supposed to get)
printed after each job.  It works fine if I print from the computer the
printer is connected to.  But from a remote computer the banner settings
seem to be ignored (also with other banners).

Any hints?

Thanks, Oliver


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I'm using a HP LaserJet 2200D over the parallel port with CUPS 1.1.10
and the cupsomatic PPD file from  Printing
works fine - both duplex and simplex - except for two problems:

(1) The last page of a PostScript print job with an odd number of
pages remains inside the printer when printing in duplex mode.
Probably it gets ejected after 300 seconds, the default PS timeout - I
haven't waited that long.  (How can I change this value?)

(2) After each print job (PostScript or text file) the green LED
continues blinking and any further job is ignored - with the single
exception of PS files sent directly to the printer with the cat
command (this way I can force the last page in case (1) to get ejected
with a simple showpage command).  Printing PS files with cat has the
same effect, but after printing text files with cat there is no
  The job cancel key brings the printer back to a lit LED, but of
course any print job received in the meantime is cancelled.

In both cases I suspect the printer to be waiting for some (PCL?)
command that kicks it out of PS mode, but I have no idea what this
could be (and why its not part of the PPD file).

Cheers, Oliver

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