multia info

multia info

Post by David Shaffe » Sat, 19 Sep 1998 04:00:00

someone was asking me about multia info but i deleted their mail before
i found this


multia info

Post by Core » Sat, 19 Sep 1998 04:00:00

> someone was asking me about multia info but i deleted their mail before
> i found this


        That was me - Thanks!
        Wow, those things are selling cheap.




1. Need further info on Multia and Redhat 5.1 ALPHA port

Well, I have a couple of questions... It seems that I am not going to use the
WIN NT alpha mainly because NO ONE has ported ANY software to it except maybe
Microsoft Internet Explorer suite and Outlook express. Soooo, Here's my
question. I have finally gotten the hang of setting up the darn box to run
linux. I have even gotten the darn thing to install initially and xdm works
beautifully. But I have a real dumb question that someone I am sure will be
able to answer.

In partioning the disk, normally I would (on my sparc sun's and Silicon
Graphics, partition a small partition equal to twice the size of the memory in
the machine for swap partition, a small partition for the /var directory as a
mountpoint, and a huge partition for /usr. Seeing as the install program makes
no decision about which programs should go in the / partition and which should
go into the /usr partition, I would like to hear opinions on what to do...
Also, is there a definitive explanation of the FMU (firmware Management Util)
as it relates to loading the MILO into NVram? Finally, I understand (only
after many hours of fighting, that I need to create the first partition to be
a very small partition of about 2 meg to hold the milo and linload.exe progams
and that partition needs to be dos-16 format so it can be the partition the
SRM loads... Is their a bootstrap loader that I need to run to put a boot
strap on that partition so the srm can jum to it?

My theoritical partition map of a 1gb disk might look something like this-
please comment...

CYL                    type               size              mount   disk
0-10                 dos-16              2.5mb            N/A     sda1
                       linux-swap         75mb                       sda2
                       linux-native       128mb              /       sda3
                       linux-native       700mb             /usr   sda4
                       linux-native         95mb            /var     sda5

I am sorry to take up your time with this, but as you all are probably aware,
the documentation is very very limited on things like disk management...

Thanks so much in advance for any assistance.

Mike Stubblefield
My opinions are my own

sorry about the e-mail address but I am tired of the unsolicited bulk e-mail

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