Dosemu - won't run 1-2-3 v3.4, lredir stopped working

Dosemu - won't run 1-2-3 v3.4, lredir stopped working

Post by Woodha » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have installed dosemu on my system in the hopes of being
able to run Lotus 1-2-3 v 3.4a from Linux. I currently have two

The more important problem is that I cannot run Lotus 1-2-3 v3.4a,
which was the entire reason for getting dosemu running. I am hoping
that it is a dosemu configuration problem, rather than a fundamental
problem. (The dosemu success list says 1-2-3 version 2.2 runs, but
does not mention version 3.4.)

The following is sample output from an attempt to do this:
(Various escape sequences removed as this is be kind to newsreaders

ERROR: unrecognized video subsys config!!
ERROR: unrecognized video subsys config!!
int10,0: set_video_mode failed
run-time error R6003
- integer divide by 0

I tried turning on video debugging - the only difference was that 1-2-3's
welcome screen was briefly displayed before the error halted the
program. (The welcome screen is coloured text and backgrounds - no
bitmapped graphics.) Configuring 1-2-3 so that it thought it was using
a CGA adaptor (thus not using bitmapped graphics at all) did not help.
Nor did loading the VESA compatibility TSR for my graphics chip.
This occurs either in X-windows or at the console.

(I have a Packard Bell 486DX66 system with a Headlands (Video 7) SVGA
chip on the motherboard.)

The second problem is not so important, because I know a work-around,
but it is puzzling. I have two disk partitions for DOS. /dev/hda1
(mounted as C: in DOS, /dos/sys in Linux) is a doublespace compressed
volume with the DOS system files (v6.0), Lotus 1-2-3, and a few other
software packages installed. /dev/hda5 (mounted as D: in DOS, /dos/scr
in Linux) is an uncompressed volume containing data or software that
is installed only in the short term.

Initially, while getting dosemu to work, I mounted D: as a partition
(in dosemu.conf:

disk { partition "/dev/hda1" }        # /dos/sys, c:
disk { partition "/dev/hda5" }        # /dos/scr, d:

.) This worked, but I couldn't have the partition mounted by Linux at
the same time. I also had the floppies mapped as follows:

floppy { heads 2  sectors 18  tracks 80  
         threeinch  file /var/lib/dosemu/diskimage }
floppy { device /dev/fd0 threeinch }  

I run dosemu by "dos -A", so diskimage is my boot disk. The file was
originally created by "cat /dev/fd0 > diskimage" then reformatted in
dosemu and files copied to it. This worked fine, but diskimage was a
1.4Mb file with less than 1/4 used.

At this stage, I removed the line

disk { partition "/dev/hda5" }        # /dos/scr, d:

from the config file, and mounted D: from dosemu with the command

lredir d: \linux\fs\dos\scr

which worked fine - I had access to that partition from Linux and
dosemu simultaneously. Next I decided to fix the waste space problem
with diskimage: I changed the floppies configuration to

floppy { heads 2  sectors 18  tracks 80  
         threeinch  file /var/lib/dosemu/diskimage }
floppy { heads 2  sectors 18  tracks 80  
         threeinch  file /var/lib/dosemu/diskimage2 }

and created a zero size diskimage2 with "touch". (The end result was a
bootable diskimage of ~300K after formatting, copying etc., so this
succeeded.) As soon as I did this, d: would not mount via "lredir"
anymore, and still will not do so, even now that I have changed the
floppy definitions in dosemu.conf back. Rebooting linux did not help.

I can work around this by mounting d: as a partition (losing
simultaneous dosemu/linux access) so this is not too important, but I
find it very puzzling.


1. dosemu: emufs and lredir don't work with freedos

After much frustration, I've finally figured out that the reason I
couldn't get emufs or lredir to work was that I was using freedos
(0.92) and it doesn't implement the required DOS system calls for
redirecting filesystem accesses.

Searching the source distribution, the DOSEMU HOWTO, infoseek, and
dejanews reveals that this problem is apparently documented absolutely
nowhere, even though the test harddisk image that comes with
dosemu-0.66 uses freedos 0.92 and has a config.sys that futilely
attempts to use emufs.

So I thought I'd state the problem here for posterity.  I'll also send
a note to the HOWTO maintainer.


P.S.  If I've got this all wrong, please do let me know that I'm being
an idiot.  Thanks.

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