<HELP> SVGA Xserver only uses "builtin" 320x200 mode

<HELP> SVGA Xserver only uses "builtin" 320x200 mode

Post by Callum Kate » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I have just set up linux on my PC, which has a trident 9440 video card and
2M dram. under win95 I can run high res with lots of colours (eg, 1024 x
768 x 256), but when I use openwin or startx under linux the Xserver says
"using builtin mode of 320x200" or something like that. I am sure my
XF86Config is right (the server doesn't complain about invalid modes, and
using the XF86_VGA16 I can get all the modes I specify).

does anybody know how to disable using "builtin" modes with the XF86_SVGA


1. Help: generic svga uses builtin 320x200 mode


  I am setting up X on my Toshiba Tecra 500CS.  I am using the generic
svga device driver so I expect to have a 800x600 screen.  However,
it is not the case.  When I run X -probeonly, , it said the svga is
using the builtin mode 320x200.  How can I change it to 800x600?
Any pointer will be appreciated.  Thank you.


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