gtk+-1.1.2 install problem

1. guile-gtk and gtk+-1.1.13

Has anyone managed to get guile-gtk-0.14 to compile with gtk+-1.1.13?
I also have the gtk+10-1.0.6 and glib10-1.0.6 rpms installed.

First off, with ANY gtk-dependent app I have tried to compile I get a
failure of ./configure when it tries to run a gtk+ test app.  It tells me
that gtk-config is in error or I may have moved the libs since
installation.  I have done nothing to them.  They are rpm-installed and
they have been, and will remain, where they are now and supposed to be
(primarily /usr/lib).  I have examined gtk-config but can see nothing
wrong on the surface, but then, I barely know what I am looking for.  

Can anyone help me out on this?

Another problem I get is involving guile.  I have guile-1.3 installed
(rpm).  If I disable the gtk-test app via a configure switch, I get past
that part (with a bunch of errors that leads me to think that guile-gtk
0.14 doesn't like gtk+-1.1.13) but then configure craps out telling me
that it cannot find guile on my system.  I don't know if it is looking for
guile libs or the guile binary.  In any case, they are also where they are
supposed to be, the location is in and I have even added it to
the PATH in profile.  Nothing has worked.

Can anyone help me out with this?


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