Optical Scanners

Optical Scanners

Post by Allan Adl » Sat, 29 Jan 1994 23:48:32

What optical scanners have been successfully used with Linux?
What drivers are available for them? What does one have to know about
a given optical scanner in order to write a driver for it under

Is there any good free software for character recognition for use
with optical scanners?

I've posted to this newsgroup since I am interested in doing this with
linux. But I would also be interested in knowing of a newsgroup on which one
can post general questions about scanners.

Allan Adler


1. Unix optical scanner => Plain Postscript: How?

I have a Unix optical scanner which converts to various
formats including EPS (encapsulated postscript), but
not Postscript.

How can I convert the EPS to PS via a third party tool?

What do other people do when they need to scan images, text,
etc. and get it into plain postscript?

Is it even possible?


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