Library bug in libsx ??

Library bug in libsx ??

Post by Uwa » Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hello there,
I guess this isn't quite the correct place to put this, but at least I am a
Linux-user and this problem occured first time when I compiled it on my
There is a neat library called libsx which makes programming X11
applications quite easy. It uses the Athena Widget Set and practically hides
all that X11-protocol stuff that makes X11 complicated. Example: to make a
dot one simply calls a function like DrawPixel(x,y); Nice huh?

Now if there is someone out there with a lot of time and nerve, he/she could
take a look at my test-code and the source for the library and tell me what
the bug is.

Please look at my source code to understand this:

What I've been experiencing is that if I start my programe it produces a
"segmentation fault" error when the value of the variable x takes the value
of 256. My guess is that some variable in the library is a static variable
or something of the sort and thus tries to access a memory area beyond its
legal scope.

I have attached the library source and my test source codes here.
The file libsx.tgz is the library and testcode.tgz contains my own source

Please mail any suggestions to me directly since I rarely read the news.
My adress:

begin 600 lib_bug.tgz


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