Mail Order Linux Workstation Vendors

Mail Order Linux Workstation Vendors

Post by Edwin Tisda » Sat, 26 Mar 1994 07:15:40

I have been keeping a list of "Mail Order Linux Workstation Vendors"
which I post from time to time in this and other newsgroups.
None of the three major mail order companies (AMBRA, Dell and Gateway)
that I contacted was willing to install Linux on any of the machines
that they sell so it is unclear which (if any) of their machines will
run Linux and the X Window System.  All of the vendors listed below
will install Linux on the machines that they sell but provide varying
amounts of support for it.  I have not dealt with any of these vendors
except 20/20 Technologies so I cannot recommend them to you.
But I have received numerous glowing testimonials for some of them
so perhaps people who have dealt with them will post a followup
to this article and tell us more about them.

Three vendors (20/20 Technologies, SW Technology and Fintronic USA, Inc.)
sell 486 based workstations which run Linux and the X Window System.
In order to get a feel for the prices these vendors were charging,
I asked each vendor to give me a quote for the following configuration:

*       66 MHz 486DX/2 with 3 VESA Local Bus slots
*       8 MB 70 ns System Memory
*       16 bit IDE Hard/Floppy Controller and I/O card
*       425 MB 3.5" 12 ms. Hard Disk Drive
*       1.44 MB 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
*       32 bit VESA Local Bus, 1280x1024, 1 MB Super VGA graphics card
*       15" 0.28 mm dot pitch Non-Interlaced color monitor
*       Mini-tower case and power supply
*       101 key Keyboard
*       3 button high resolution serial mouse
*       Linux, X, Open Windows, LaTeX, TeX, C++, etc.
*       Two Year warrantee

                20/20 Technologies
                1786 Westwood Boulevard
                West Los Angeles, CA 90024
                Tel: (310) 441-8855
                     (800) 486-2020
                Fax: (310) 441-8869

                Price: $1669
                Contact: Kurt Costen

                SW Technology
                251 West Renner Suite 229
                Richardson, TX 75080
                Tel: (214) 907-0871

                Price: $1685
                Contact: Marvin Wu

                Fintronic USA, Inc.
                1360 Willow Rd., Suite 205
                Menlo Park, CA 94025
                Tel: (415) 325-4474
                Fax: (415) 325-4908

                Price: $2130.59
                Contact: Larry M. Augustin