Announcing release 0.1 of the GNU Hurd

Announcing release 0.1 of the GNU Hurd

Post by Thomas Bushnell, n/B » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am pleased to announce version 0.1 of the GNU Hurd, available via
anonymous FTP from [] in the file
/pub/gnu/hurd-0.1.tar.gz (about 1.2 MB compressed).  There is also a
patch file of diffs from the 0.0 release in
/pub/gnu/hurd-0.0-0.1-diff.gz (about 75 KB compressed).

(The GNU Hurd, plus Mach, is a kernel, not an operating system.  The
GNU operating system, like the Unix operating system, consists of many
components, including kernel, libraries, compilers, assembler, shell,
parser generators, utilities, window system, editors, text formatters,
and so on.  The GNU project set out a decade ago to develop this
system, and we've been writing various components of it ever since.)

This release contains many bug fixes from version 0.0.  Many thanks to
all the people who are helping find bugs!  

The best way you can help find bugs is to try and compile and use on
the Hurd as many programs as you can find and find out where bugs
still exist.  There are also unimplemented features, and your reports
will help us to prioritize which things we work on.

  This release contains several new utilities:
  *  e2os
      which modifies the "creator OS" field of an ext2fs filesystem
  *  nfsd
      which implements an NFS server.  It's still relatively untested,
      so people are invited to use it for non-critical things and
      report on successes and failures.
  *  vminfo
      prints the virtual memory map of a process

  This release contains one new shared library, `hurdbugaddr' which is
  only used internally to various Hurd servers and utilities.

  Problems in version 0.1 that prevented ext2fs from working correctly
  have all been fixed, and the source files that were accidentally
  missing from 0.0 have been added.

For more detailed news, see the NEWS file in the distribution.

There is no binary release corresponding to this source release.  A
new binary release will probably be made together with the next source

This release contains complete source code for the following:

Hurd servers:

 auth, crash, devio, devport, exec, ext2fs, fifo, fwd, ifsock, init,
 magic, new-fifo, nfs, null, pfinet, pflocal, proc, symlink, term,

Hurd libraries:

 diskfs, fshelp, ihash, iohelp, netfs, pager, pipe, ports, ps,
 shouldbeinlibc, store, threads, trivfs, hurdbugaddr.

Hurd utilities and other programs:

 boot, shd, ps, settrans, showtrans, sync, su, mount, fsysopts,
 storeinfo, login, w, uptime, hurdids, loginpr, sush, vmstat,
 portinfo, devprobe, reboot, halt, fsck, fsck.ufs, mkfs.ufs, clri.ufs,
 stati.ufs, getty, rc, e2os, vminfo, nfsd.

Thomas Bushnell, n/BSG

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