Drive issues (CDROM, CDRW & Samba)

Drive issues (CDROM, CDRW & Samba)

Post by Tim Van Holde » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

(I posted this here firday, but it seems to have disappeared of the
server, so I'm reposting it)

I'm having a number of drive problems:

a) My regular cd drive is no longer automounting, nor is
   if auto-playing audio-cd's (and yes, the option to
   auto-play cd's is still enabled in the Gnome
   My cdwriter (on /dev/cdrom1) has never automounted,
   nor does Gnome list a 'Mount Device' option if I place
   a symlink to /mnt/cdrom1 on the desktop (while it does
   for the reader).
   Anything I should look for?
   I've also noted that if I login non-graphically, and then
   run startx, icons for mounted drives (including the
   samba-based NT share that was added only recently), is
   displayed correctly. Is the use of gdm inhibiting this
   'detection' of mounted/mountable devices?

b) I've followed the procedures in the CDWRITER howto, but
   I've had no luck enabling the ide-scsi emulation
   drivers; whether I change modules.conf or lilo.conf,
   at startup all drives will be detected as IDE (and
   afterwards the scsi driver will load and find no
   controller (not surprising, as both CD drives are ATAPI)).
   I have noticed that there's no sr_mod module (as listed
   in the HOWTO); is there anything I should try before
   attempting to recompile the kernel?

c) I'm trying to mount an NT share at boot time (auto
   option in fstab); all needed parameters are supplied,
   at the prompt 'mount /mnt/foo' works perfectly, as does
   'mount -a -t smbfs'; but at boot time, I get the message
   'mounting SMB filesystems', followed by an unusually
   long delay, after which is says OK. However, usually
   the filesystem is not actually mounted (but
   /sbin/mount.smbfs is running). Sometimes, an ls /mnt
   will display '/mnt/foo: I/O error'.
   Any help is appreciated.

Current system: Intel P3 800MHz running RedHat 6.2,
with kernel 2.2.16-3.

Tim Van Holder
Falcon Software NV

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