Man page archive?

Man page archive?

Post by Michael Co » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 04:34:24

Somehow, most of my man pages are missing.  I recently ran pkgtool to
remove some serial tools I wasn't using (extra newsreaders, etc) and
several of my man pages (man, ps, lpr, xterm, etc) were removed.  At
least, they're missing now.  Regardless, I was wondering if there's an
archive somewhere that would have the basic man pages.  I would rather
avoid re-installing everything for the man pages.
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1. Standard man pages to "Catted" man pages!

To Anyone Interested:

        How does one take a standard "troff"ed (?) man page that comes
with a package off the net (ending in .1, .2, etc) and turn in into a
compressed, "cat"ted man page (ending in .1.Z, .2.Z, etc) that are
stored in the directory /usr/man/catN (N = 1,2,3,...) that can be read
by the standard man utility that comes with the SLS distribution?  I'm
sure that this is trivial to do, and is probably written down
SOMEWHERE, but I've got only so many hours a day I can spend reading
FAQs and HOWTOs.  Thanx in advance...

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