RIP graphix for Linux

RIP graphix for Linux

Post by Egor Egor » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Is there some BBS RIP graphics packages for linux - BBS for example, or RIP
terminal ?


1. RIP ----> rpm <----- RIP

Hi all,
    Im running RedHat Linux 4.1 with kernel 2.0.31. I have been trying to
install an updated version of an S3 Graphics card library in RPM format
downloaded from Redhat.
Below is the error i keep getting. My RPM is version 2.2.5.

error: xfree86-s3v-3.3.1-1.i386.rpm cannot be installed

I guessed that RPM itself must have been updated since RH4.1 so I downloaded
the latest version of RPM from redhat, in RPM format. You guessed it, the
error I get is below !

error: rpm-2.3.11-1.i386.rpm cannot be installed

So, what else has changed ? (or what am I doing wrong !)

Any help greatly appreciated !
Lee Mitchell

"Life !... Don't talk to me about life .."

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