System 26, A new site for Linux application developers

System 26, A new site for Linux application developers

Post by Bowie J. Poa » Sun, 12 Aug 2001 20:37:08

Hi gang,

Someone suggested I drop a note in here regarding the project i'm
working on. About a week ago, we unofficially opened the System 26 GUI
Component Stockpile, a big raw material repository meant to assist
coders who are writing GUI-based apps..In short, its a big pile of
sounds, images, icons, and assorted odds and ends that developers are
free to incorporate into their work. In exchange for doing so, they gain
the ability to showcase their work via the main page.

For example, the other night we released a "verbal clock component"...
This particular component contains everything you need (short of the
actual source code that is) to make a clock applet that announces the
time.. More specifically, it contains sound samples of me saying things
like "AM", "PM", "The time is.." , and all the relevant numbers you
would need to make a talking clock with.  So...feel free to stop by,
have a look at the FAQ, and enjoy the site. I hope you guys find it

By the way, I know that often times posts like this come across purely
as spam.. Just keep in mind that i'm not trying to make any money off
the project. I dont even run banner ads. I just think its something
interesting you guys might want to work with when it comes to the stuff
you make.

Anyway, here's the URL for the curious:

Cheers, and have a good weekend,

Bowie J. Poag
Project Manager, System 26 (

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1. new Linux portal site - for professional Linux developers

For Immediate Release PegaSoft Canada

LINCOLN, ON - June 26, 1999 - Linux, the fastest rising computer
operating system for business and the Internet, has 10 million users and

growing faster than Window NT.  Major computer companies, including IBM,

Compaq, Oracle, Netscape and Corel, have Linux editions of their
products or have announced releases in the next few months.

PegaSoft is pleased to announce the opening of a new Linux portal site
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PegaSoft was disappointed in the current trends in Linux portals. These
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set out to design a fast loading site that would be truly useful to
developers, with official news, and a extensive selection of links.

About PegaSoft

From its inception in 1990, PegaSoft has been a team-oriented company
dedicated to creating software that pushes the industry boundaries.
Reformed in 1996 to develop Linux software, PegaSoft continues to
produce products of technical excellence and performance. Our first
release is System Manager in a Box(, a Linux configuration and
administration tool that uses artificial intelligence.  We believe that
powerful, quality software is not just wishful thinking, but a
responsibility. We continue to make your computer take flight.

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2631 Honsberger Avenue
Jordan Station, ON
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