creating a bootable CD with a Redhat dist

creating a bootable CD with a Redhat dist

Post by Christoph Kukulie » Tue, 15 Jan 2002 23:15:30

I want to clone a machine that has a specially configured kernel (Redhat 6.1)
and certain pacakges installed.

I need to install about 30 machines possibly in one strike.
I'm thinking of using kickstart. But I believe this requires
a Linux release CD residing on the server.

Any ideas how I should proceed?

Would it be easier to build a diskless client/server, boot diskless and
dump the root volume to the local disk? Afterwards run some
customized scripts that perform individual tast for the praticular
machine (like creating /etc/fstab, /etc/exports etc.)

The client should also become NIS, amd/nfs capable and is going
to be bound to an existing NIS/NFS network.



1. creating a bootable redhat install CD

I usually purchase a redhat package, and I like having the bootable CD.

One time however, it was late, and I need the latest release and
couldn't wait for next day delivery.

I downloaded the distribution and burned it to CD but the install would
fail somewhere during the boot process.

It has been a while since I did this, but I remember that a mount
command showed my burned CD as being mounted "read only"

When I mount an official Redhat CD, the perms show "owner rw" perms on
the root and all files.

It makes sense to me that the boot CD needs to fool the system into
believing the filesystem is read/write, when actually it is read only,
for the limited use that the installation requires.

I looked at the mkisofs src and the cdrecord src and I cannot see where
I could possibly force the perms on the CD to be anything but read only.

Does anyone know what the trick is?  Or am I way off base?

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