Linux on a Compaq Concerto anyone?

Linux on a Compaq Concerto anyone?

Post by Edwin Wis » Sun, 03 Jul 1994 19:56:52

There has been a price reduction on Compaq Concertos here recently and I am
considering buying one. I would like to know whether anyone has Linux
working on his Concerto since that's what I want to install on it. I have
some questions:

1. Does X-windows work on the Concerto. Must you install the monochrome
server or does vga16 work as well. Is memory expansion to 8 Mb necessary or
does it also run on 4?
2. PCMCIA slots, are these useable under Linux?
3. Can I trow away the pen or can it somehow replace the mouse?

Thanks in advance, I'll summarize the replies.

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