how2print? Brother hl-720

how2print? Brother hl-720

Post by Tomasz 'tsca' Sienic » Mon, 13 Sep 1999 04:00:00

 I have a Brother HL-720 printer. According to Printing HOWTO it should
 work under Linux with no problems. So, how do I make it work?
 I understand (am I right?), that I need to add an appropriate filter to
 /etc/printcap, and then I'll be able to do

 $ echo "test"|lpr

 To get this filter I have been trying to compile ghostscript 5.50.
 Unfortunately, I am getting the following:

# ------------------------------------------------------------
 /bin/sh <./obj/
 ld: cannot open -lXt: No such file or directory
 make: *** [obj/gs] Error 1
# ---------------------------------------------------------

 The beginning and the last five lines of ./obj/ look like this:

# ---------------------------------------------------
 gcc -fno-common -L/usr/X11/lib -o ./obj/gs ./obj/gs.o ./obj/gp_getnv.o \
 ./obj/gp_nofb.o \
 ./obj/gp_unix.o \
 ./obj/gsnorop.o \
 -lXt \
 -lXext \
 -lX11 \
# -------------------------------------------------------

 What can I do about this?

 And, is my idea of getting this printer to work correct at all?
 Control panel printtool (RH) says:

# ----------------------------------------------------
 Auto detection found the following:

 /dev/lp0  : Not detected
 /dev/lp1  : Not detected
 /dev/lp2  : Not detected
# ------------------------------------------------------

 and, of course

 $ echo "test" >/dev/lp

 does nothing. So, does trying to compile ghostscript make sense at all,
 or is there some other problem (what???) that I should solve first?
 The printer _does_ work under Win on the same computer.


 [I am setting FUT comp.os.linux.hardware]

 Tomek Sienicki <tsca at>