crontab entries generate error message; problem with ownership of crontab file?

crontab entries generate error message; problem with ownership of crontab file?

Post by Alan Vlac » Tue, 08 Sep 1998 04:00:00


For each line in my crontab file I get the following error message

        limit: coredumpsize: Can't set limit

and the entry doesn't execute.  

This happens to my user account's crontab, but not to root's.  Somehow
cron doesn't understand the command 'limit coredumpsize 1000000' in
/etc/csh.cshrc under these circumstances.

I've disovered that the problem goes away if I change the owner of
/var/spool/cron/alan to alan.alan instead of root.alan but eventually
ownership reverts back to root.alan.  Presumably cron is changing
ownership for security reasons(?).  I need more documentation on how
crontab works vis-vis crontab file ownership/permission.  Everything
worked fine for months until a few weeks ago.  Some package I updated?

FWIW:  Linux 2.0.35 (Red Hat 5.1)

Thanks much,
--Alan Vlach


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Your "cron" job

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