ELF and io patches for 1.2.13?

ELF and io patches for 1.2.13?

Post by Mark E. J. Newm » Sat, 20 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Well, it's time to take that deep breath and recompile my kernel for the
first time.  I just can't live without my sound card.  :-)

I'm running RedHat 3.0.3 (Picasso) which comes with gcc 2.7.2.  I understand
that I need two patches to get 1.2.13 to compile with this setup: an ELF
patch and an io patch.  Can anyone tell me where the definitive versions
of these patches are?

Also, if you have done this recompile yourself, any other advice would be
much appreciated.  Does it go as smoothly as the HOWTO claims, or are there
any other hitches I should be aware of?

Many thanks,
Mark Newman.


1. compiling 1.2.13 after applying io.h patch and elf patch

        I am still having problems.  I'm trying to recompile the dang
thing in order to enable IPX and then NCPFS.  I applied the elf patch
with the proper and same syntax as the io.h patch and I'm getting the
messages below.  Any ideas?  This is going to drive me to drink. Of
course this might be a better way to approach it :^).

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