Western Digital - Ontrack Disk Manager & FIPS??

Western Digital - Ontrack Disk Manager & FIPS??

Post by John » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

        I want to install slackware, but have run into a problem with my
second disk drive.  The second drive is a Western Digital 1Gig that is
controlled with WD's Ontrack Disk Manager.  I tried running FIPS from a boot
disk, but it couldn't sucessfully create a partition since it was incorrectly
reading the number of sectors.  I think this is due to the fact that the
DMDRVR.BIN file is not loaded in this case.  So my next step was to run FIPS
after exiting Win95. Now the program seemed to work and I was able to create a
 200Mb partition on drive D:\.  After doing this I went back into Win95 to
check that I hadn't destroyed anything, and found that my CDRom had stopped
working, and that there were seemingly 2 new partitions on my drive (disks F:\
& g:\). Well at this point I got a little hesitant, and wanted to start again
from scratch to make sure I did it right, so i ran the RESTORRB.EXE file which
should have returned things to normal, but instead has turned my d:\ drive
into mush.  I have now apparently lost the FAT on D: along with any acess
to the data there, and am still (I think) left with the extra partition.  So
after all that 2 questions.

1.  Is there any way that I can recreate the FAT on my D: drive to reclaim the
data that I have lost?

2.  Has anyone properly partitioned a disk controlled with Ontrack using FIPS,
and if so HOW?

                Mucho Gracias, Johnny


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Does anyone have any experience trying to repartition a hard drive using
FIPS that was originally partitioned with Ontrack's Disk Manager
Software?  I have a 1.2 gig drive, and want to repartition some space for
Linux, but am currently using Ontrack's software so Dos will recognize my
disk.  Any problems?

Also, can anyone tell me how much disk space I should allocate for a full
installation of either slackware or Red Hat?



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