Dosemu0.60.3 - disable IPX to enable IPX !???

Dosemu0.60.3 - disable IPX to enable IPX !???

Post by Michael Moll » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I've just started converting to ELF and thought this would be a good time to
see how dosemu was doing.  I grabbed the newest version I could find, and
with some difficulty (I didn't have SLang) got it compiled.

Previously I had to load ipx before netx after turning on ipxsupport in
dosemu.conf.  I did this again with 0.60.3 and got an IPX/SPX already loaded
from my ipx.  Fine, I thought, and loaded netx - which gave me a "Network
Server not found" error.  

After turning ipxsupport off everything worked smoothly.  Stange that...

Any ideas?  Anyone else experience this?



1. dosemu0.60.3 slower than dosemu0.60.1 !?


I just installed dosemu 0.60.3 (non-module version) and noticed
an incredible slowdown when compared to 0.60.1. I didn't change
any of the parameters in /etc/dosemu.conf, so that can't be it.
Anyone got any idea about what's going on?

Also, I tried compiling and installing the module-version. I
couldn't get this to work as insmod was complaining about
undefined symbols. Any idea what may be wrong here?



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