help installing

help installing

Post by pmcdo.. » Sun, 27 Nov 1994 03:34:08

Dear people,

I am having trouble installing Linux. I have read every faq and how-to I can
find, and the installation "booK"

I have a 486 dx2/66
ami bios (post 91)
8 meg ram
DTC 3292 eisa scsi: w/quantum 1.2 gig, segate 250 meg, and a mediavision CDR

The 1.2 gig is the first drive, the seagate the second, the cdr third.

There is now a 100 meg empty space on the seagate waitin to be a Linux

I have a medivision pas 16,

a Diamond Stealth 24 VLB.

and a cheapo multi function board with IDE (disabled) and two serial one
parallel, HP 550c printer on parallel, hayes accura 14.4 on com 1, and logitech
mouse on com2

a 1.4 on driv a, 1.2 on drive b.

According to all I read these are directly supported by Linux.

However, I have tried several times to install the most recent slackware

BTW, I am not stupid or a newbie, been in the business for 18 years. Not
bragging, just want it clear that while I am not immune to stupid mistakes, I
certainly have a high tolerance.<g>

Anyway, rather than document all the permutations, here is what happens when I
attempt to use the scsi boot disk.

With nothing passed on the LILO command line:

The system starts to load, appears to recognize all the relevant hardware and
dies with the following message:

Kernel Panic: No device passed to allocate_device().

Just prior to the the partion check prints the following:

Partition check

sda: sda1, sda2 <sda5, sda6, sda7>

the kernel version as printed is 1.1.59

One last clue.

While much of the info scrolled of the display, and I could'nt figure out
anyway to pause it, repeated attempts show that right after the scsi disk are
recognized, there are several messages that are something like:

scsi: invalid block something deleted something (it goes by fast)

sorry, I cant do better without a way to pause.

Someone please help me I really would like to have access to UNIX.

Thanks in advance.

Pete McDonald

McDonald Consulting


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