reducing linux partition

reducing linux partition

Post by Matt Rodke » Sun, 07 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi.  i just bought a dual boot system with win 95 and linux and the os's
came pre-installed.  I would like to reduce the linux partition without
having to reinstall either os.
  I have the cd's so it would be possible, I just would prefer not to.

Any Ideas?



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Hello there!
I have a question which is apparently not new. However, would be very
happy if someone could give me some hints regarding this topic.

I had originally a Dell Dimension 8100 with dual boot Linux Red Hat
7.1 and Windows ME installation, a 4 GB partition for Windows and 16
GB for two (exkl swap) Linux partitions. A while ago I scanned my
Windows partition with the AntiNorton Virus Program (first time),
which discovered a changed Master Boot Record (MBR), which I know
today was caused by installation of LILO. It asked if I want to
restore the original MBR, which I unfortunately answered with yes.
Consequently, I don't currently find my Linux partitions. Moreover, by
running fdisk, it seems that my harddrive is now only 4 GB, I can't
add new partitions beyond those 4 GB. Even my BIOS seems only to recognize 4 GB.
Any suggestions?

Best Regards,

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